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ILBC Home-based Learning Policy

Mission of this policy

  • To continue with the development of age-appropriate education.
  • To not lose sight of the changes in the global situation and to adapt oneself to these changes for success in life
  • To faithfully fulfill societal duties as well as keeping oneself safe.
  • To ensure a positive future regardless of changes in the world.


Vision of this policy

  • Home-based Learning program is a continuous process which is student-oriented.
  • Student learning leading to all-round development of the student.
  • Strengthening of the student’s brain development, physical development and development of interpersonal relationships.
  • The teaching in the Home-based Learning (HBL) should be stimulating and enjoyable, while maintaining consistency with the school campus learning.
  • Based on previously acquired learning experience, there should be a good continuation of the Home-based Learning programme.
  • There should be the opportunity to learn the HBL program together with classmates from the school campus.
  • To successfully complete the classes for each age to ensure students can continue on to attend university.
  • However much the outside world has changed, students should be able to establish a learning environment with the cooperation of parents and teachers, thereby avoid being isolated.


 Aims and objectives

  • To complete the lessons needed to learn and practice according to age.
  • To avoid the difficulties that they will face due to the reduced curriculum.
  • In the period when school is not open, failure to learn the required lessons would mean that in the remaining time of the academic year, a reduced curriculum would be needed to teach those lessons and this should be avoided.
  • To complete the lessons needed for the continued learning according to age.
  • From this time onwards, learning from online may become a situation which cannot be avoided and therefore students should become accustomed to this type of learning.




New Learning Environment

         ILBC fully understands the importance of online learning and that knowledge  

           and technology are vital for the future of our students.



         Online learning differs from learning in the school campus.  The teachers

            however, will ensure that the students will receive the same quality of  

           education as in the school campus. The difference will be in the manner of

           student participation during online teaching.


Individual Capacity Policy

          ILBC has arranged that during the HBL program, through the use of various

            electronic devices, teachers and students will have a capacity of 1 terrabyte 

            (1000GB) of Cloud Space to facilitate the teaching and learning process.


 User Volume Policy

            In the ILBC Home-based Learning program, a total of (1) million people

           can participate in this learning programme.


 Media Policy

            In the ILBC Home-based Learning programme we will use the Video

           Conferencing facilities such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft

           Teams as well as other electronic communication methods to facilitate

           the learning process of the students. In addition, there will be Audio-

           Video Live Conferencing, diagrams, books, audio files, video files, 

           computer files and Screen Sharing techniques to assist in the teaching of

           the lessons.


Privacy Policy

            The electronic communication methods used in the ILBC Home-based

            Learning program are solely arranged for ILBC students, teachers and



Internet Domain Policy

            The Domain to be used in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme  

            will be ILBC’s Domain,  and   



            Anyone who uses the ILBC owned e-mails and

            https://ilbcpreschool.edu.mm must strictly follow the rules mentioned



  • The ILBC owned e-mails must only be used in the Home-based Learning


  • The ILBC owned e-mails must not be used after school hours.
  • If the ILBC owned e-mails are used after school hours, any conflicts that

          arise from differences  in ideas and problems in social, economic and

          security aspects, will be the responsibility of the user; ILBC will not be

          held  responsible for that matter.

  • If the ILBC e-mails to be used for ILBC Home-based Learning programme are used for personal matters by the student who is allowed to use the

          e-mail, they do not represent ILBC. It has nothing to do with ILBC


  • The ILBC owned e-mails which are allowed to be used by students are

          meant only for students.

  • The ILBC owned e-mails which are allowed to be used by teachers are

          meant only for teachers.

  • When the Home-based Learning programme concludes,  the ILBC owned        

          e-mail accounts, which are for use in the Home-based Learning program 

          will be closed.

  • Also, students, teachers and staff who are no longer associated with the

          Home-based Learning program will have their ILBC owned e-mail

          accounts closed at the same time.

  • The ILBC owned e-mails given for use in the Home-based Learning

          programme may not be used for any illegal activities.

  • Any matters concerning the ILBC owned e-mails, the wording used by the

          ILBC owned Home-based Learning program, policies, teaching aids, and

          electronic devices must not be copied or distributed.

  • When using the ILBC owned e-mails, the rules laid down by the ILBC     

 Board of Education must be followed.

  • When using the ILBC owned e-mails, the existing laws of the Union of

      the Republic of Myanmar apply.


Improvement Policy

At the commencement of the HBL, there may be some issues or problems that need to be dealt with. Teachers and students alike are embarking on new endeavors. Therefore,  changes might need to be made to the programme in order to make necessary improvements.  Patience, participation and understanding of the parents, teachers and students will help the establishment of an Online working environment so that the students will be able to continue using it in the future. It is necessary to invest in patience, tolerance, participation and understanding to improve the program.


Netiquettes Policy

In the course of the ILBC Home-based Learning programme:

  • One does not infringe upon the personal freedom of another person.
  • One must realize that he/she is responsible for what he/she does.
  • Care must be taken that one does not enter and observe what others are using and copying without permission.
  • Use the facility to contact only your family members and friends.
  • Use the facility only to search for information regarding your school lessons.
  • If you are threatened on the Internet inform someone immediately.
  • Include numericals and alphabets in your password and change your password frequently.
  • Before you download the lessons carry out the virus scan.
  • Use your widely known name as the user name.
  • Use the chat rooms allocated for ILBC students and the sites which have been screened by school.
  • Update the Anti-virus Software regularly


While using the ILBC Home-based Learning programme, strictly refrain from the following:

  • Do not share your personal information.
  • You must not personally arrange to meet other people or your classmates online using the ILBC Home-based Learning programme.
  • You must not meet anyone alone online at any time.
  • You must not give your password to anyone.
  • You must not use your password for a long time.
  • You must not copy the information from the ILBC Home-based Learning programme and distribute it to other people.
  • You must not copy the lessons, tunes, programs etc. without the permission of the original owner.
  • You must not open what does not concern you.
  • You must not open things which are sent by unknown names.
  • You must not give personal data of your family members or their monetary data to anyone.
  • The e-mail address given to you must only be used for learning and not for anything else.
  • You must not let anyone know your user name and password.


Private Tutoring Policy

  • According to the ILBC curriculum, teachers are involved only to the extent that they participate in creating a learning environment to encourage students to have confidence in themselves in carrying out the necessary work that they are assigned.
  • In carrying out their exercises it is intended that students themselves exert efforts to work on their own. The lessons are planned in such a way that students have to think for themselves, search themselves, analyze and calculate 
  • Parents should understand that their child must work in this way and encourage him/her.
  • If parents assume that their child is not able to follow the lessons and recourse to tuition, the child will lose the opportunity to work diligently on his/her own, and will forever depend on someone else.
  • Therefore, your child should be encouraged to think, search, analyze and calculate himself/herself, and should he/she encounter any difficulty, contact the student affairs department to ask for help from the teachers concerned.

ILBC never encourages students to depend on other people.

  • ILBC has stipulated that ILBC teachers do not give private tuition.


Timetable Policy

        The timetable for the ILBC Home-based Learning programme will be issued

        in advance. It will specify the name of the teacher, the subject to be

        taught, the time and the duration of the lesson. The lessons must be

        taught accordingly by the teacher concerned.


        There is no need for contact between teacher and student as well as

        Student and student  on the ILBC Home-based Learning Platform. The

        timetable should be followed strictly.


Punctuality Policy

         Teachers, students and all supporting staff should follow the timetable for  

         Home-based Learning programme strictly. Tardiness will have devastating

         affect  on the whole learning environment.


Teachers’ Availability Policy

         Teachers need to be available as specified in the timetables.


Daily Routines Policy

         The daily teaching-learning process is conducive to effective learning.

         Absence from any lesson will negatively reflect on effective learning.



Attendance Policy

          The attendance in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme will be

          considered in the required attendance of 75 per cent in the on campus

          teaching for one academic year when school reopens. Therefore, it is

          essential that there is minimum absence in the Home-based Learning



          The attendance in the Home-based Learning program and the

          attendance  when regular school reopens must meet the required 75 per

          cent attendance for one academic year; otherwise the student will not be

          allowed to take the examination.



Remedial Policy

  • Remedial Teaching is a special programme meant for students who are unable to attend the Home-based Learning program due to various reasons.
  • This is a make-up programme for students, who are unable to attend the online programme for two months, but join the programme only after two months.
  • It is necessary for students to make an effort not to miss any classes in the Home-based Learning programme.
  • Additional fees must be paid for the Remedial Classes.


Expectations for Student Policy

  • To obtain effective learning from the ILBC Home-based Learning programmem, the student must prepare to carry out daily requirements according to the schedule in the timetable for a 5 day week.
  • As the lessons will be learnt from your home, a quiet and comfortable place should be selected and students should be ready 10 minutes before the programme starts.
  • The instructions and comments sent by your teachers should be checked every day.
  • The homework and exercises given in the Home-based Learning programme should be completed honestly within the specified time and submitted.
  • If you are unable to submit on time you should contact the teachers and inform them.
  • If you have anything you need to discuss, you should contact the teachers and get their suggestions during the specified time.
  • Students in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme should always help each other.
  • All students from the ILBC Home-based Learning programme must abide by the original rules of the ILBC school plus the rules governing the Online world.


Parents’ Cooperation Policy

  • Parents may contact the teachers and Head of Schools as required, to enable your child or children not to become isolated in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme and enjoy learning like other children in the programme.
  • You need to make yourselves well-acquainted with this programme that your child is going to learn.
  • You must ensure that your child will be happy in learning this ILBC Home-based Learning programme.
  • You need to know of the connectedness of your child and the teachers.
  • You need to support the participation of your child in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme. However, there is no need to watch over them continuously. Help out when the teachers periodically invite you to participate.
  • You need to supply the books, pencils, color pencils and color soft pens required in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme.
  • You need to provide a quiet place and create a peaceful environment to enable your child to learn without interruption.
  • You must believe that your child must carry out the required tasks in the ILBC Home-based Learning on their own.
  • You need to give time so that your child would learn the ILBC Home-based Learning program effectively.
  • You must realize that there is no need for parents to participate during the time that your child is learning in the ILBC Home-based Learning program.
  • You child needs time to effectively learn the ILBC Home-based Learning program. That is why you must give the child time to learn.
  • For your child to be healthy, he/she  needs to do some physical exercises.
  • It is important that your child is healthy both physically and mentally, you should routinely make sure that the child has no problems, worries or anxieties.
  • You need to watch with care your child’s use of the internet not associated with the ILBC Home-based Learning programme.
  • Parents should know that the teachers who are going to teach the ILBC Home-based Learning programme are not allowed to contact the students outside of the timetable given to parents.
  • Except for students ages 5 to 8 years learning in the ILBC Home-based Learning programme, parents participation for older students will be minimal.


Teachers’ Duties Policy

  • You need to upload the program you are teaching to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom (1) day ahead.
  • Before you start teaching, a prerecorded video greeting the students must be played.
  • Before teaching commences, a Live Video Conferencing to carry out a Roll Call Check must be carried out.
  • The activities to be used in the e-learning process must be easy for students to carry out.
  • In the e-learning process, the teacher must palan the lessons in such a way that students are able to exchange views, discuss and cooperate with each other.
  • Teachers must comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the students and how to improve them.
  • In the e-learning process the students must be given time to learn themselves.
  • The materials in the teaching program must be uploaded in advance to the Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom for parents, teachers and students.
  • Apart from the content uploaded other topics must not be taught or discussed.
  • The lesson plan must be such that the e-learning programme involves the shortest screen time for students.
  • Students participating in the e-learning programme should not be sitting in front of a computer all the time, but should also be doing other classroom activities.



Counsellor’s Duties Policy

The counselor shall:

  • Coordinate and discuss with the teacher concerned to fulfill the needs of the absentees in the e-learning programme;
  • Will act as a coordinator between parent and teacher;
  • Assist the parents and students full time online so that discussions can take place during the appointed time;
  • Assist the teachers so that students can learn peacefully



Supported Services Policy

ILBC IT technicians shall :

  • assist the teachers in the use of technology for the success of the e-learning programme
  • support the learners online or by phone should they encounter technical problems


Device Requirement Policy

  • PC (Web cam, Mic) or Laptop or Tablet or Smart Phone (Android, IOS)
  • OS version for PC and Laptop should be Windows 10
  • At least version 4.4 and above for Android Phone


Communication Policy

  • Teachers and supporting staff are not allowed to communicate with students  or parents outside of specified Home-based Learning period;
  • Department of Student and Staff Affairs (front office) can be contacted should parents wish to discuss matters pertaining to learning;
  • E-mails given by school may be used for contact and discussion
  • Phones may be used for contact and discussion via Student and Staff Affairs
  • If there is a need for Video Conferencing with respective teachers, Heads of schools and school counselors, contact the department of Student and Staff Affairs.
  • Contact Phone Numbers for the Department of Student and Staff Affairs:

01-549106, 01-400156

ILBC has been providing its students the best possible international education in Myanmar for the past 25 years. And it will also continue to provide the best online platform where students can learn happily.