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U.S. Dual Diploma Program

Experience a U.S. education through the Cognia-accredited Columbia School. The U.S. Dual Diploma Program offers the opportunity to earn an American high school diploma from anywhere in the world. Through this program, students gain the English proficiency and essential skills to be successful in any English-speaking university and a global workforce.

Our University Admission Guarantee

Students who successfully complete the Dual Diploma program are guaranteed admission to one of our partner universities, or we will refund their program fee.

How ILBC Students will study

Starting from the 2024-2025 academic year, all of our ILBC TIL students can experience the U.S education through the Cognia-accredited Columbia School operated by Hudson Global Scholars. ILBC welcomes our students to study U.S education and is willing to urge them to earn a U.S. Diploma online with Columbia School. Our students can explore the structures and learning styles of American university campuses.
Now, open the Door to U.S Education!

Students can join the U.S. High School Dual Diploma Programme online to unlock even more opportunities. Without leaving home, they can connect with peers from different countries, experience various teaching styles, and explore their interests. This programme welcomes students who are passionate about learning English and seeking a brighter future, a successful career, and personal growth.
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If you are interested in the program, please fill out the following form using your student ID and school email.

Feel free to call us for more detailed information at 09 400 7777 80 or 09 400 7777 90. We will answer your inquiries and direct your message to the appropriate person for further discussion.

About Columbia School and Hudson Global Scholars

Columbia School is accredited by Cognia and operated by Hudson Global Scholars, the global expert in K-12 online education. As part of the Hudson Global Scholars network, students can join Hudson’s vibrant online community of top students from over 25 countries with clubs, events, and leadership opportunities.

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