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A Festive Fair Par Excellence

ILBC Taungyyi Branch hosted a mammoth “Fun Fair” on December 22 right before Winter Break. The sprawling multi-purpose area that functions as an auditorium, PE exercise area and basketball court was creatively transformed into a bustling, colorful “Fun Fair”.

This festive event was ram-jammed with more than 30 stalls/booths plying an encyclopedic range of cuisine (everything from western fast food burgers to traditional Myanmar rice noodle dishes plus games of chance and skill, along with artistic endeavors like face-painting, non-permanent tattooing, holiday music plus a surprise visit by the one and only Santa Claus who passed out gifts to youngsters and oldsters alike.

The vibes were joyfully upbeat, the crowds were milling from one booth to the next and stopping now and then to sample the food and play games. All the smiling faces transformed the overcast, cloudy day into a happy event.

A few highlights of the fair were: 1. The Art Teacher, Ne Nwe Aung’s visually clever (and humorous) face paintings; 2. P.E. Teacher, Nay Lin Tun’s maze of nails that battery powered cars attempted to negotiate through from one end to the other; 3. Music Teacher, Po Quah’s “Wheel of Fortune” and modified Bingo games; 4. Teachers L. Nan San and Sandar Mon Mon’s mouthwatering fried chicken, far superior to KFC; 5. History Teacher Aung headed a popular dice game where if the participant’s number came up on the dice roll he/she would win a lovely trinket. 6. Last but certainly not least was the delectable chicken curry with rice noodles prepared by KG Teacher Thiri. What a talented chef she is! There were many, many other food and game venues that were all witty and entertaining and tasty which due to space limitations can’t be cited in this report.

All the profits for this merry event are earmarked for ILBC branch, Taunggyi’s operational needs.

Once again it should be noted that ILBC is culturally and socially sensitive to the community besides achieving academic distinction with our students.

Credit to Andrew